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Neighbourhood Plan

First and foremost, our Neighbourhood Plan is quite unique as it has two purposes.

Its primary use is as a planning tool around land use, therefore each planning application is assessed against our Neighbourhood Plan to ensure it meets the policies contained within the plan.

Its secondary use is to provide an indication of the various enhancements and projects that the Parish Council could consider, as the Neighbourhood Plan process captured parishioners ideas and suggestions about what could make the parish better.

The Neighbourhood Plan was undertaken with the vision to set out what the people of Blofield wish their parish to be like in 2036 and was produced by the Blofield Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of the Parish Council

For more information and documents


Visit the original Neighbourhood Plan blog for background information on how the process took place.

Neighbourhood Plan document – as adopted by Blofield / Blofield Heath parishioners at referendum on 21st July 2016 and was ratified by Broadland District Council to form part of the local planning framework.

Blofield Parish Neighbourhood Area map – the Parish boundary is the Neighbourhood Area.


You can see how Blofield Parish Council is using the Neighbourhood Plan to assess planning applications by looking in the minutes of the council meetings.

In October 2016, the Parish Council agreed a governance process for managing Neighbourhood Plan projects:

Implementing Neighbourhood Plan Policies

Managing Neighbourhood Plan Projects

Blofield Parish Neighbourhood Plan.png
Blofield Neighbourhood Plan Document Cov
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