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Covid-19 - The Coronavirus

The Parish Council would urge everyone to follow the national advice, and daily updates can be found here:

It is best that you take your advice from this page, rather than from newspapers, social media or knowledge from others. This is an evolving real-time situation, so it is important to understand the most up to date advice.

As a community, we will all be aware of neighbors, friends and family members who may be vulnerable and at risk, as well as lonely. So what can you do to help? – follow the advice. Although the measures being introduced may seem draconian, it is important to follow the national advice. If you feel ill, visit the website above and go from there. – pick up the phone. A daily check on people can not only help with ensuring safety and, if necessary, medical intervention, it can be a real boost for mental health. As this situation progresses, boredom and isolation can kick in, so it’s important to talk. – assist your neighbours. In the comments below, you will find a printable postcard that you can drop off to neighbours, offering to pick up shopping, medication etc, or just to offer help or a phone call. It is important that you manage your own personal health and safeguarding by not interacting directly with anyone who may already be ill, but this is a helpful and vital way we can all make a small difference. – make a note of your own requirements. In the event that you may be isolated or in need of medical assistance, it is important that anyone intervening can understand your health situation. Write down any allergies, medication requirements, underlying health conditions etc and place them somewhere visible, or share with a neighbour or family member. We are aware that some of the most vulnerable members of our community do not have access to social media, so please spread the word where possible. In the event that you, or anyone you know within the village, needs some help and don’t have anyone who you can call, the Parish Clerk, has kindly offered to be contactable to either provide assistance, or sign post to where advice or assistance may be. If anyone else is available to offer assistance, please let us know and we will contact you directly (please do not put your contact details here) Most importantly, stay safe out there, look out for each other. This village has stood together before at times of hardship, and our community spirit will prevail!

Blofield Parish Council COVID-19 (How we are helping the Community) Blofield Parish Council is working in partnership with the Brundall and Blofield Good Neighbour Scheme to support the community through the current pandemic we are experiencing. If you need assistance at this current time with collecting shopping or medication then please call freephone 0800 688 9677 and we can make sure that someone can help you. If you would like just a telephone call and someone to talk to then please contact Blofield Church on 01603 712299 who can arrange for someone to call you. If you would like to volunteer to collect and deliver shopping and prescriptions to those in need or even field calls, keep the volunteer database up to date and co-ordinate the jobs on a daily basis then please call freephone 0800 688 9677. Lets all be good neighbours and stay safe and well! PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO ALL THOSE THAT ARE NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Thank you


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