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Update in relation to a new school for Blofield

Norfolk County Council has determined that the site off Plantation Road remains the preferred location for a relocated and expanded primary school. There are some legal steps relating to the land transfer from Norfolk Homes to Broadland District Council and onward to Norfolk County Council before we, Blofield Parish Council, have certainty that this is moving ahead.

It is still intended that the access road for the school and doctors’ surgery will be on the Norfolk County Council land that they currently own (north of the Surgery boundary), and the surgery expansion is likely to come first, with a planning application for the Doctors Surgery expansion expected in due course, with revised access over this land.

The Parish Council is working with all parties to support the provision of a new school and the Doctors Surgery expansion in order to provide these desperately needed expanded facilities.

The school scheme will also be subject to a planning application and a public event of some sort will be planned, organised by Children’s Services officers at Norfolk County Council, well in advance to share plans as they develop.


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